Typography Served Cold: Salt & Straw

After graduation, I took at trip to Portland, Oregon, and WOW hipsters know how to do food. We enjoyed a variety of dishes and desserts with fresh, local and powerful ingredients. Plus, all the shops and restaurants around had the best typography! My friends kept making fun of my because I’d exclaim “THE FONTS!!” like every other block.

This is the new Salt & Straw storefront in LA. Photo is from LAWonders.net This is the new Salt & Straw storefront in LA. Photo is from LAWonders.net

One of the must-do’s in Portland is to wait in line for some Salt & Straw ice cream. It’s worth the wait. One bite and you’re like 😮 jaw-dropped. They have really unique flavors like Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache or Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper or Pear & Blue Cheese (like wut). But I swear it’s actually really good, and I’m not one to venture outside of chocolate-based flavors.

But anyways, it warms my heart to see custom storefront signs with beautiful artistic typogrpahy. This is what inspires me to take hand-lettering classes myself. A lot of logo projects for my clients incorporate custom lettering, and this just serves as another tasty bit of designspiration.

I need to get back to Portland. I can only imagine even more great food places popped up.

Photo in thumbnail is from sprudge.com

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