For those who don’t know, I’m somewhat of a nerd for magazines. Last month, I opened my mailbox, excited to see that the new issue of FOAM arrived. FOAM—Fashion, Ocean (/Outdoors), Art, and Music—encompasses essentially all my passions summed up in a cool acronym. So naturally this magazine rules.

Well, ruled. Unfortunately FOAM had to discontinue publishing print versions of the magazine. UGH. But I must thank FOAM for the inspiration in all forms—style, art, traveling, action sports, music…I ended up keeping a lot of the issues because they’re well-made, beautiful, and I still find new inspiration when I randomly pick one up to read. I continue to follow the FOAM community online at If you’re into fashion, ocean, art, music, traveling, outdoors, action sports, or just cool chicks…you should check it out!

Thanks for keeping up with the inspiration, FOAM.