The 4 Best Things in the March Issue of Shape Magazine

For Christmas, I gifted my well-read American Literature-master/playwright-queen cousin "Tequila Mockingbird", a funny cocktail book with drink recipes based on classic literature. I could relate to the drinking thing but hate to say I'm not much of a [quality] reader... I at least got the puns of every 5 cocktails or so but I could be better... 

BUT I do subscribe to Women's Health and Shape (formerly Fitness Magazine) and used to read them front to back, religiously. In the past year I sometimes had a hard time keeping up with all the reading, but recently committed to always skimming them and even if I don't have time to read them in entirety like I used to. Now I at least dig in to what interests me most and learn from what these publications offer. I just finished the March issue of Shape. The following four pieces spoke to me the most: 

1. Props for rock climbing:

(page 80) This article discusses the increasing popularity of climbing, its toning benefits and the mental challenge and reward of solving "problems." Definitely need to get back to a climbing gym again soon. Sometimes climbing is daunting but nothing beats the feeling of completing a climb you really didn't think you could do. And it's a killa arm/forearm/fingers/leg/butt/brain workout. Women should climb I think they often make better climbers than men!!! 

2. A killa 17-minute TRX Workout

(page 72) Can't wait to try this. Some of my classes have incorporated TRX briefly in circuit workouts, and it's always so challenging. In the article, they quote the journal Human Movement Science: "abs were activated 184% more during a suspended push-up than during a standard one. You can literally feel your body get tighter and more toned as you do the moves. I was always interested in kickboxing workouts after working out at a boxing gym for a few months a while back (gets you ripppped) but have been interested in trying new specialties. This should be fun..

3. Practicing mindful eating ("smarter eating style")

(page 100) This article was refreshing. I have been re-evaluating my food choices from an ecological and health standpoint lately (maybe vegan or partially vegan...or just "sustainable" and pescatarian...?? there's so many options and benefits of each). That combined with getting back from a wildly fun traveling experience, I was getting a bit caught up in a label or decision on what to eat. I was forgetting that a HUGE factor is how you eat. These tactics are all things I naturally practice when I'm eating my best. It was a nice reminder and I'm happy to return to that mindfulness and gratefulness for every bite. Maybe I'll write more on mindful eating one day, but can't commit right now. :D 

4. Random/cool reminder: Make some warm weather goals 

(can't find the page now/sleepy. I'll leave it as a surprise) I thought this one page was random but nice. I actually just set some new fitness/health goals after such a crazy time traveling and then getting back into my Chi-city life. But this was a refreshing random page to see in the middle of the magazine (no big article or study follows this). I just thought it was cool. 

Also learned: Pastel lip colors are in for spring, which is great because I always wear a pastel pink because I'm afraid to try bright red; You can't technically be allergic to smells ("smellergic"); On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being famished and 10 being stuffed, you should aim for a 6. And there's some tasty looking recipes that use avocado which makes me really wish I liked avocado ughggh

Pipeline 5 Has Got 2 Go

Since I am a planet nerd I checked out a Great Lakes preservation event at Patagonia last night! If you are a lover of the Great Lakes or attuned to the Flint Michigan crisis, you might find the aged pipeline running under the Mackinaw bridge concerning:

If this pipeline were to burst, best case scenario it would leak over a million gallons and due to the water current in this area, it would be the most difficult spot to clean up an oil spill in the Great Lakes. For perspective, a 2010 spill in Marshall, MI spilled 843,444 gallons of oil and took 4 years to clean up, all the while dealing with a local water crisis from an economic perspective.

Overall the event was a massive success for the grassroots campaign. I think over 75 people squeezed into the LP store to watch the film and the discussion following was really interesting. Also being at a huge corporate communications agency, seeing an NGO fighting against a corporation (Canadian oil company Enbridge) got me thinking, what if Enbridge was our client? What would we encourage the company to do and say? (I for one would tell them to just shut it down before they face the inevitable and worst PR scenario of all time, especially since they would hardly lose profit from shutting down Line 5 in the grand scheme of things)

There were so many questions with great answers at this panel, I could go on and on. Happy to give anyone the low-down if you’re interested! Or check out the website and encourage the Michigan government to shut Line 5 down!