In May 2012, amidst all the craziness of the spiralling Greek economy, my business school sent a group of us over to learn about business culture in Greece, and present a social media strategy to the executive group of a natural Greece cosmetic company, Apivita. My professor Tatiana is a total boss, and being from Athens herself, we got a super localized view of the country, and met some interesting people thanks to Tatiana’s connections and insider knowledge.

Luckily she organized a roadtrip up to the mountains in the Northern part of Greece. You can even ski there in the winter. Absolutely beautiful.

Athens is massively populated. Since their economy was in the toilet, it was sad to see a lot of abandoned pet dogs laying around everywhere. Not supposed to pet them but got a pic… But the city is SOOOO cool/interesting/beautiful, I can’t wait to go back.

At a rally to get Greece's hopes up about the economy  At a rally to get Greece’s hopes up about the economy

The owners of Apivita invited us to their beautiful home in the countryside to see where their products come from, and have a nice lunch. This is where my love for Greek yogurt and honey came from. Although nothing beats how fluffy it and fresh the Greek yogurt actually is in Greece.

Spent some time at Aegina Island, where we visited the owners of a Pistachio farm (commenced love of Pistachios here). We had a wild seafood lunch. Tatiana taught me how to dive for sea urchins like she did as a kid. Super cool!

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