A Roadtrip in Ireland is a Must

In 2015, my family visited Ireland for Easter. We rented an embarrassingly large van that my dad insisted on driving down narrow pedestrian streets in Dublin, but it got us through the hilly one-lane dirt roads throughout Ireland. Don’t just visit Dublin when you’re in Ireland, a roadtrip to the West Coast is unbelievably beautiful. We were also lucky to visit some family who still live in a small town in County Clare, and saw the graves of our ancestors on the windy Atlantic coast.

What we did: Dublin ➡️  Killalou ➡️  Cork  ➡️  Killrush  ➡️  Galway  ➡️  Dublin  ❌  Entire family somehow missed our 11am flight back to U.S.A. to stayed in Dublin an extra night ➡️  Chicago.

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