In a motel alone in Los Alamos

These photos are from an epic solo roadtrip up the California 101. Since I was traveling alone I looked for places on the cheaper end but didn’t find many hostel options in this luxe part of the country. Also I planned this about 4 days in advance so that could have something to do with it.

After finding a what looked like a nice place on Hotel Tonight (last second hotel-booking app, get cool places for a tad cheaper), I was headed past Santa Barbara (WAY too expensive for me, especially solo) to stop in Los Alamos to stay at The Alamo Motel for the night.

Turns out California gets pretty dark late at night, and I wasn’t seeing much “civilization” after Santa Barbara. I was a little out of my comfort zone (I’m used to endless miles of cornfields but not dark deserts and hills). I saw the sign for Los Alamos after passing what seemed like the last major town and pulled off the highway into a one-road town.


Sweet, did Hotel Tonight lead me to a trucker stop of DOOM????

No, they didn’t. Actually ended up at probably the coolest lil spot I’ve ever stayed in. A nice old lady greeted me at the coolest motel/hotel office and gave me some PALO SANTO FOR MY ROOM. Screamin’ good vibez.

The bed was comfortable, the decor was super cool, and there were trendy snacks for purchase (just took pics).

And when the sun came up in the morning I had a blast exploring the small town and antique shops before hitting the road. There’s great wine around here too, so you could make a cool weekend getaway using the Alamo Motel as your home-base.

Enjoyed my little night of luxury, and after this it was back to hostel-life in Monterrey!

P.S…. their website is cool.

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