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These days we experience life through a series of MICROMOMENTS.

That’s what Google says anyways. But think about it–how often do you check your phone every hour? How many screens do you see in a day? How many times do you get emails or see a post on social media? 

Probably a LOT.

The businesses succeeding today are those keeping up with consumers via micromoments–being on the consumer’s mind, directly and indirectly, in different stages of their product journey. Some businesses do this naturally thanks to the nature of their product/service, but most need to employ a custom strategy to hit their target audiences in the right place at the right time to stand out in a crowded digital world.

This strategy should marry traditional marketing tactics (i.e. events, in-store experiences, etc.) with the digital realm. Digital offers businesses countless opportunities to connect with consumers in unique ways, but even for me as a digital professional, this can be overwhelming. Digital strategies can be scaled to fit time and budget constraints. I can help you determine what will be most effective, yet cost-efficient, for your business.

Why you need me…

You get AGENCY-QUALITY marketing expertise for a fraction of that agency price-tag.

Not to mention one-on-one attention, transparency with your data and what’s going on, a consistent manager of the project you can trust, and a genuine interest in transforming your marketing processes to ensure your business succeeds.

With four years experience working at high-end marketing agencies for some of the biggest brands in the world, I saw the upsides and of course some downsides. Now I’d say over 60% of clients that come to me are distressed from incredibly frustrating experiences with an agency. They spent a ton of money, didn’t get transparency with data or results, didn’t get the attention they deserved for what they paid, and ultimately threw in the towel with the agency. Truth be told, for small and medium businesses, you don’t always need a fancy agency to get the job done the right way (not to say all agencies are bad, I work with some incredible legit agencies!). 

You need a marketing partner who will dive into your business with you, and develop a customized approach to help you truly reach your customers where and when it matters.

I invite you to learn more about me and check out some testimonials from past and current clients. You can also see a list of my current/past clients here.

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Schedule a free 30-minute consultation so we can discuss your business problems and whether/not I could help you.

If you’re in Chicago, I’d love to meet in person over coffee (or kombucha or smoothies or brewskis). If our meeting is virtual, I’m happy to do a video chat or a simple phone conversation. 

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You can read on below to get an idea of the digital marketing areas that could help your business. I also design beautiful Wordpress websites to be effective marketing tools if that’s something you need, too!

past clients & case studies

additionally, i’ve worked with these clients during my 4 years at high-end digital marketing agencies (check out my LinkedIn for more info):

Hormel Foods, Bank of America, The Coca Cola Company, Purina, Phusion Projects (Four Loko), MetLife, Ford, Intel, Fed-Ex, Inghams Chicken (Australia), Tulloch Wines, Vaypr E-Cigarettes (New Zealand), Just Jack Clothes (Australia)

digital marketing areas of expertise

The biggest social media mistake businesses make is creating a Facebook page ‘for the sake of it’, just because they feel like they should have one. A proper social strategy might only involve one platform, but combined with other marketing tactics, meaningful micromoments are created.

The ever-evolving social media world can be tough to keep up with. When I started working in social media Twitter was taking over the world, but now Snapchat is all the rage. Even though things change, all businesses can find a malleable niche in the social media world.

My corporate work experiences exposed me to social media strategies across the map–from wild branded campaigns on Instagram and Twitter to corporate executive positioning on LinkedIn and blogs. I thoroughly enjoy using what I learned in the corporate marketing world to help small businesses come to life online.

I can help shape your digital & social strategy, provide social content, teach you platform-specific tactical skills (community management — timing, content, engagement, advertising, etc.) and more. For a full list of social media services with pricing, click hereCheck out my LinkedIn to see some former social media clients.

Did you know that email tops all social media platforms for most engagement? The ability to email your customers directly is powerful tool–but it must be done right to win over consumers and not annoy their inboxes. Combining email marketing with analytics and social media content brings integrated marketing to life. (Plus, when users click from the email to your site, that’s a bonus for SEO ?)

Customer Relationship Management is key to your success, no matter the business size. Let’s talk strategy, content and execution. I primarily recommend MailChimp for smaller businesses but have explored some enterprise-level email marketing solutions as well. Get in touch with your project and I can provide a quote!

Showing up on search results is CRUCIAL for any business. Every year, more attention is given to the SEO world as this becomes increasingly important in the crowded digital space. A solid SEO strategy manifests not only on the website but also throughout all branded content.

SEO is a dark, complicated art. I want to help you make sure your basics are covered with a site audit and suggestions for improvements and content. SEO is an ever-changing world of speculation on what works best with Google and I could go on-and-on, but generally for small businesses if you have the basics down you’ll be set up for success. 

Your social media is up-and-running, your SEO strategy is in line, so let’s see the results! We must constantly measure and adjust accordingly in the digital world, and Google Analytics can show us the way. What’s working? What’s not? What pages do customers want to see more of? What is their favorite product? Where are our customers coming from? Why are customers leaving the checkout? How can we make site improvements for a better customer experience?

This information drives business success. I can provide a one-time setup and analysis for your website and/or offer monthly reporting with consumer insights and adjustment recommendations based on the analytics.

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