emi g: the life i live

“Respond to every call that ignites your spirits.”

– Rumi

Hola again!

It’s an honor that you’ve made it to this page. As you may or may not have gathered, I’m a 25 year-old location-independent freelance marketer and front-end web designer. I’ve been in the industry for almost five years. 

I’m originally from the Midwest, which is cooler than it sounds. I call Chi-town (Chicago) home but try to make it out West as much as possible, because by the ocean is where my heart’s at (and I left a bit of my heart in Sydney after living there ?).

Creativity, adventure, and growth drive my everyday actions (growth refers both to personal growth and improving the world around me). I included the Rumi quote above because I truly aim to follow whatever excites my spirit (in a practical way, most of the time…). I thrive working from different places and LOVE building businesses, so my latest ventures (and adventures) fulfill my every day.

I love travel, smoothies, surfing, snowboarding, fitness and design. And of course the adventurous, humorous humans in my life, my loving family and boyfriend.

Explore below to see the latest happenings and travels. Incredibly grateful for all these experiences and peeps in my life ??