Drooling over Sydney's Fashion Scene

***When you accidentally spend $500 on clothes within your first few weeks of moving to a new country*** ?

But ok. It’s not entirely my fault. I mean it’s 100% my fault, but I have been extremely excited for the fashion in Sydney. Plus, the American dollar is worth more so it was technically only US$380.75 right??

I was saving money for so long, knowing that I would soon be delighted by window shopping in the city and strolling through markets by the beach. I LOVE Chi-town, but the Chicago fashion scene is not so much my style. Every time I visited my good friend in LA, she was entertained by me gawking and being overly enthusiastic about all the cool outfits I saw there.

As a result of my geography, this was my American shopping style: Buy nothing. Not even practical things (until I finally gave in and bought my first real purse in January…). But then anytime I saw something beachy/quirky yet appropriate for city-wearing, and quality but not overly expensive, I would just immediately capitalize on the rare clothing find and purchase it.

That method has not proved to work in Sydney, because about every ten feet (I mean meters, I need to get used to the metric system…) I see something that is extremely cool and quirky and quality and expensive and I must have it.

I really don’t like owning too much clothes but I also really enjoy finding a great piece to become part of my lil wardrobe. You should’ve seen how many bags of clothes I gave away before coming here! Even if it was cute, if I wouldn’t wear or buy it now, it had to go (to my sister. You’re welcome).

Once I realized that I’m not on a trip but I actually live here now, I started to calm down and slowly build my Sydney wardrobe, observing the fashion scene around me. How I’d describe it all for now:

  • Quality-beachy - lots of denim, really nice white t-shirts, pastels, unique patterns, interesting cuts, florals, and flowy tops/dresses.
  • Sporty chic - The athleisure trend has certainly taken the world by storm so of course in this active city it’s popular. Literally every person here owns a pair of Adidas sneakers and wears them all the time. I’m not kidding you-- Every. Single. Person. ?  I get compliments all the time on my shiny gold adidas slip ons. You can’t even tell they are adidas so I just think Australia/the world loves Adidas.
  • Quirky - I see a lot of people wearing really nice jeans and a t-shirt, but then add a really cool piece like crazy shoes or beautiful jewelery or funky sunnies or a nice hat. That kind of outfit would be easy to travel with, just mix up the small pieces!
  • A bit more casual than NYC or Chicago - every time I wear heels people are like OoOoOo. So I wear them a little less which is fine by my feet. But the black chunky heel boot is very popular. Particularly the Australian-made RM Williams boots...lots of girls have em, they are beautiful. Would love a pair ?   http://www.rmwilliams.com.au/

So I came here with two suitcases but who knows, might go back to Chicago with around seven…

But actually I am trying to break even on how much clothes I have (more on that later), so I'll be giving some away soon, look out for that :D

Here’s what I’ve bought so far! ?

  1. Some quality Wrangler jeans... wow you can make so many outfits when you have a pair of jeans that fit you!!

2. While I was on a denim kick, I got a wrangler black denim skirt... LOOK AT THAT POCKET DETAIL

3. Overalls! Prediction: An absurdly large proportion of women will own a pair of overalls by September 2017.

4. Got this up in Byron -- Minkpink is everywhere here. How fahn

5. I'm new to warehouse sales, which are apparently a thing in NYC and LA. One of Australia's nicer designers Shakuhachi had a sale just around the corner from my work. I got there right when it started at 8am and snagged these awesome baby pink real leather shorts. ?

6. More from the Shakuhachi sale. This top is beautiful on, you don't even need a necklace

7. Another Shakuhachi find ??

8. Some cool accessories from the Bondi Markets! Also, those little pom-poms on the bracelet are on everything now. Cool vibes

9. Okayyyy and a one-piece swimsuit. Couldn't resist. (it's ripcurl)

10. And of course a flower crown for the Melbourne Cup race day (most girls get a fascinator, but didn't suit my vibes)

But seriously I’m done shopping for now.*

*unless I see the most amazing piece that is so Emi G and then I might have to have it

An Ode to FOAM

For those who don’t know, I’m somewhat of a nerd for magazines. Last month, I opened my mailbox, excited to see that the new issue of FOAM arrived. FOAM—Fashion, Ocean (/Outdoors), Art, and Music—encompasses essentially all my passions summed up in a cool acronym. So naturally this magazine rules.

Well, ruled. Unfortunately FOAM had to discontinue publishing print versions of the magazine. UGH. But I must thank FOAM for the inspiration in all forms—style, art, traveling, action sports, music…I ended up keeping a lot of the issues because they’re well-made, beautiful, and I still find new inspiration when I randomly pick one up to read. I continue to follow the FOAM community online at foammagazine.com. If you’re into fashion, ocean, art, music, traveling, outdoors, action sports, or just cool chicks…you should check it out!

Thanks for keeping up with the inspiration, FOAM.